Video Library

Video Library

Welcome to our new video library! These short videos are a fun and easy way for you to learn more about your Gallagher HealthInvest HRA. Just find the video you want to watch and click the Watch Video button.


How to File a Claim (coming soon)

Learn how to upload supporting documentation and submit a claim online. You can still use a paper Claim Form if you want to, but most participants use our quick and easy online process or our handy mobile app, HRAgo®. 

Supporting Documentation for Claims

Supporting Documentation video

Learn the five basic supporting documentation requirements. Submitting proper supporting documentation helps get your claims paid faster.

Using Your Benefits Card

Tips and tricks for using your benefits card

Learn some handy tips and tricks to help you get the most out of using your Benefits Card. With a Benefits Card, you don't have to file claims and wait to get reimbursed. Just swipe your card to pay for things like office visits, prescriptions, lab work, hospital stays, and dental and vision services. 

How to Set Up an Automatic Premium Reimbursement

Learn how to set up an Automatic Premium Reimbursement online. With our convenient APR service, you don’t have to file individual claims for your ongoing insurance premiums. This process works great, especially for retirees.

How Your HRA Coordinates With Other Benefits

Learn how your health reimbursement arrangement works with a healthcare flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA), Medicare, and the Premium Tax Credit. We'll point out instances where your HRA may be at risk and when you might need to elect "limited HRA coverage" to help avoid future problems.